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Welcome to the homepage of the ACT branch of the SR500 Club of Australia.

This site is dedicated to the Yamaha SR500 and it's variants in both stock and modified form and to the enthusiasts who ride and modify them.

The SR500 is the road bike offshoot of the XT/TT500 dirt bikes that were first sold Worldwide in 1976, however the engine and chasis are quite different in a number of areas.

Here is the nice TT500C of 1976.

This prototype XT/TT500 styling was still some distance from the end shown here in a couple of pics.

The SR400/500 design team was headed by Atsushi Ishiyama, the President of GK Dynamics. 

His team of late are also reponsible for the MT-01, another Yamaha motorcycle headed for probable future cult status, the V-Max and the retro-styled show-bike the 'XS-V1 Sakura' amongst others.

The stylish Sakura...a bike that grows on you more and more each time you look at it...hmm, clip-ons, rearsets...I where have I seen that fuel tank profile before...

Here are some early development drawings of the SR500...

...and some early SR prototype pics with what looks like an XT500 engine installed...

The SR500 first went on sale in early 1978 as the SR500E. The SR500 continued in Australian dealer's showrooms until the end of 1981 when Yamaha stopped importation.

In Japan the SR400 was made and sold alongside the SR500 from the outset. The 400 only varied from the 500 in the length of stroke of the piston in it's bore.

The SR500 and the SR400 variant continued to be made by Yamaha alongside each other until about 2000, when the SR500 was discontinued. The SR400 manufacture, in it's current guise, finished in 2008! That makes a model run for the SR of 30 years!

During those 30 years at total of 120,007 SR's were made including 500 and 400 variants...not a bad run!

This was the 30th Anniversary production model! Still as great a looking bike as ever!

The SR design and production team at Yamaha's 30th anniversary SR event in Japan, 2008...

The SR500 models that originally came to Australia were:

1978 - SR500E...              

1979 - SR500F

1980 - SR500G

1981 - SR500H

SRs continued to be sold on the Japan homemarket and they were still exported to Europe. 

Along the way the SRs has had a number of subtle and not-so-subtle factory changes. They have come with mag wheels with discs both ends and with disc front and drum rear. They have had alloy-rimmed wire wheels with front discs and rear drums and with front and rear drums and back to front discs again, they have had black engines and silver engines, big headlights and small headlights, standard and rear-set foot pegs and have come in standard and SP versions. With all these changes however they have always retained their basic timeless shape and style.

In recent times the SR is once again being imported to Australia by compnies such as Deusexmachina and others, so if you want a near new SR400 it's still not too late. The parts aftermarket for the bikes is also steadily growing here in Australia and overseas.

In Europe, Japan, the USA, UK, Australia and many other countries the SR enjoys a large and ever increasing cult following, and SR Clubs are now springing up Worldwide.

SRs are ofen the choice of modifiers to make cafe racers, trackers, bobbers and an example, here are a few pics of modified 500s...

DCM500...UK framed SOS bike...

Trestles...HD XR styled SR...

Glen's SR500E...Caf racer...

Akira's SR500...last of the breed...'99 - '00 SR!

Rod Tingate's SR500...built for the roads out back of Healesville Vic.

The Fuel Injected SR400!

First presented to the public at the '09 Tokyo Motorshow, and after a lengthy gestation period while they tried to retain the carb bike's engine 'character', the new fuel injected SR400 is now in production for 2010!

Stylistically and mechanically little different to the original carburetted machines, it's great to see the iconic machine back in production once more...long live the SR! 

Along the way they tidied up the styling of the side covers, fitted a catalytic converter into the new exhaust system to quiet the 'greenies', fitted a slightly longer kickstart lever, made a plastic seat base to replace the 30 year old steel based design...and generally modifed things to suit the requirements of the FI can see that it has a guard on the side of the muffler, presumably because of the extra heat emanating from the Cat...and it now has a FI sensor in the top of the header pipe...I note from recent Japanese magazines that companies like AAA are already converting them to 500ccs and performance modifying the FI system...the evolution continues! 

The new FI engine...

The FI SR400 on show...