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Bore versus Capacity Figures

Here are some common increases in cylinder bore size for the SR500 and the resultant capacity figures...based on a standard piston stroke of 84mm...

          Bore                             Capacity in ccs

  • 87.5mm                         505cc
  • 88.0mm                         510cc
  • 89.0mm                         522cc
  • 90.0mm                         534cc
  • 93.0mm*                       570cc
  • 95.0mm*                       595cc

* Requires a re-sleeve of cylinder.

Pistons commonly available are from manufacturer's such as Wiseco, Arias, Venolia, J&E etc. Japan also make pistons in various bore sizes.

Further capacity increases are possible with a change in stroke as well, with engine capacities (well) in excess of 600cc possible.