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ACT SR CLUB 52 - Bungendore ride

Only three (!) bike turned up today for the SR ride to Bungendore.

John brought his G model, Mark his SRX600 and (ahem) Stew brought his CB900…my excuse was that the rear shocks are still leaking on the SR…Wayne and Denis phoned in to say they weren’t coming…Denis said something about going to Singapore or something…hmm mate isn’t that where they sell W400 Kwakas?






A visitor also tuned up in his mate’s $245,000 BMW  7 series…it was Chris. All the way back from Berlin for 6 weeks to relieve at the Embassy! Welcome back mate. I’ll have to arrange a ride on my SR for you…



A quiet ride ensued along Namima Road, Murrumbateman Road onto Spring Range Rd then across the highway to Bungendore. Fun ride for the 3 of us…with some slightly spirited riding through the turns. Great fun.




Coffee and hot chockies at the usual caf before returning along Norton Road and back to the ACT via the highway.


I am going to sort out an SR ride calendar shortly, so keep checking back.


On another note the Salt Racer is progressing slowly…(fairly…heh, heh)…and will be ready for next year. I have decided to place an SR tank on it again and I am sourcing a nice seat for it that allows us to get don on the tank better…the tracker seat keeps you forward against the rear of the tank…not what we need.



Might be a custom modded tracker seat going for sale soon…


Unfortunately this site requires that the pics are kept at a small size...a tip if you want to see them a little better is to click on the 100% figure on the bottom right of the screen and view them at about 125% or so...much better.


‘till next time.