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KVR Details for 2011


Here is the schedule for the KVR for 2011:


* 18 March - ACT people arrive at KV on Friday at around 1500...settle in and adjourn to the KV Pub for dinner.


* 19 March - 'Make your own way' short ride to Berri; optional...leave at around 1000.


*  'Make your own way' ride to Robertson Pie Shop for lunch, leave at around 1200.


* Return to the camp site for arrival at about 1500.


* Peer judging of machines present 1500 - 1630...presentation of prizes for the lucky recipients.


*Buy your own dinner at the KV Pub for about 1800 till whenever...


* 20 March - Breakfast in KV at a venue to be decided if you wish to come along...0800 - 0830...


Head off home again for another year...!


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