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Daytona, Battery Less kit

My road SR's battery failed the other day and rather than buy another one I decided to replace it with a Daytona Battery Less Kit that I had sitting around waiting for my new cafe racer.

The kit is a simple thing as you can see in the pic, and consists of an electronic 'box' with a capacitor and whatever other gizmos are included inside and the wiring to hook it up to the ex-battery leads.

The device was simple to fit, as are a lot of these Japanese aftermarket parts...easy.

I used two 'zip-ties' to attach it top and bottom to the inside-back of that battery box. I also mounted it with a piece of 6mm rubber behind in order to isolate it as much as possible from the inevitable vibes.

The wiring is colour coded to match the old battery leads and just 'screws straight up'. As a precaution I covered up the exposed connections on the battery leads with electrical tape to prevent short circuits occurring against the metal insides of the battery box and the adjacent frame.

Following the installation, I put the sidecover and seat back on the bike and started the engine up to see how it worked.

I checked the bike's electrics at engine idle....amazing!...the head and tail lights were bright and the indicators worked more brightly and faster than before...I put the brake light on at the same time and it too worked well, although it pulsated a little as did the instrument lights. Then I hit the horn button while all this was going was loud and no problems.

So far I haven't ridden the bike to see what it works like on a ride, but I will of course and I'll report back on how it all went.

* As an aside, a while back I had assisted one of the ACT SR guys to fit a battery eliminator made by Posh. It seemed to work as this one did...these little plastic boxes have come a long way.


The ride test...last Sunday...

A great little item...all of the lights seemed to work well and I got no complaints from behind that they couldn't see the brake light or the indicators etc.  Worth the trouble of getting if you ask me.

It works great straight off idle, as soon as even a tiny bit of RPM is applied.

These are a bit over $70 to buy and just think...a 3KG weight reduction and no more battery...


Long Term Test...1.5 years...

Over time it seems that the capacitor may have lost some of it's effectiveness. The unit still functions OK, however the bike's electrics are not as effective at lower RPM and the indicators are not so good with the headlight turned on at the same time during the day. Not really tried it at night, but it should still get you out of trouble.

I had wondered if the bikes electrics had begun to let  me down over the time period checked, however after having the stator, rotor and regulator tested by a reputable firm I am now satified that this is not the case...I continue to run the eliminator on the SR.


Where can I get one???...

In Aus it's simplest to try Adrian at Vanem or Taka at Deus...