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SR Oriented Shops

Disclaimer: These articles are placed here as an information service to SR owners and are based on my opinion only.



Cafe Racer Motorcycles


Situated in the small settlement of Wattle Flat on the Sofala Road, North of Bathurst in the highlands of NSW are the premises of Caferacer motorcycles.



Carl Batey, the owner, has for some time been widely recognised for his expertise in all things Yamaha SR as well as other more modern bikes and some high performance Japanese cars as well.


Carl started off with an apprenticeship to Moriwaki in Japan years back and has learnt well. He then opened Short Black Motorcycles in inner Sydney before moving to Bathurst and then lately to his current location and a name change to Cafe Racer Motorcycles.


Carl has the facilities to do extensive work on your bikes including full engine re-builds and engine and bike modifications. His dyno works overtime setting up standard and performance bikes as well.




Crank balancing and trueing...stroker crank...



His assistance to racers in both road and off-road racing has ensured that he has kept up to date with modern performance methods. Many of his engines have achieved excellent results in open competition.


When I was there Carl had a number of customer road and off-road bikes around the shop in various stages of disassembly.


A friend John and I had taken the ‘Salt Racer SR’ to Carl to have the FCR 41 carburettor set up on his dyno and I was particularly interested in seeing whether my engine would perform as I had planned.



The Salt bike is not a quiet machine (understatement!) and it was good that it was being dyno’ed in a location away from the general population.



Carl soon had the carburettor working properly with a number of jetting changes, and as the fuel began to want bigger and bigger jets it soon exceeded the normal range of Kei Hin jets available and some judicious hand jet-drilling was required.




On the dyno the Salt bike performed to my expectations developing considerably more power than a standard SR, and thanks to Carl’s work on the FCR carb jetting it reached the top speed on the dyno that I was hoping for. Now it’s up to us to get the job done out on the Salt. 





Carl also has a range of specialised parts for the Yam SR 400 and 500 and XT including amongst other things his own design cam, tidy looking performance stainless exhaust headers and complete systems, flexible oil lines for the rockers, Pingel fuel tap adaptors that bolt straight up to the SR's tank and disc brake adaptor plates to name a few.


GAZI shocks...


The Mille Miglia range of SR exhausts...



Fuel tap adaptors...



Carl also has disc brake adaptors to fit 320 discs to SR wheels...


Exhaust rocker oil lines...


He has also recently commissioned some performance conrods to his own specifications.


Carillo at top Carl's on bottom...




If you need anything give him a call and see what he can do for you. The phone is often busy there so if you don’t get an answer leave a message and he’ll call you back.


Carl takes most credit cards and also has Eftpos facilities...really useful these days!




HERT Motorcycles - Cairns

I recently visited the premises of Hanks Engineering, also known as HERT Motorcycles, in Cairns QLD. The shop is in a light industrial area of Cairns and is not difficult to find.



Hanks offer a range of service to modifiers of motorcycles including fitting and turning services (lathe and mill work), general bike fabrication work and steel and alloy welding.


They are a bit of a specialist shop on Yamaha XT/SR500s and offer a range of parts for sale such as alloy plugs, cam chain covers, XT500 timing plugs braided hoses and some other bits. They also sell a small fabricated steel engine stand to support the 500’s engine while it’s out of the bike… a worthwhile tool if you don’t have one. Not hard to make, but if you don’t have the time or the facilities…



Alloy cam chain covers... 


Alloy sump plugs and XT timing covers... 


Dip sticks... 


In the shop they have a few examples of the work able to be done lying around including, of particular interest to the 500 nuts, a mono-shock XT500 road race bike and several modified XT500 dirt bikes. These include a part finished HL500. These are very nice machines when finished. Most of the HL frames available here are usually ones made in Geelong Victoria.


Mono-shock XT road racer chasis...


HL500 replica in the making...





There are also some other bikes including a racing CB125, a much modified RZ500, Guzzi 500, Ducati MK 3 450 (silver shotgun) and others.


If you are interested in any of their products or services they have a website at have a look and see what’s available.


Ring before turning up. They don’t take credit card or eftpos…so direct debit or cash is the go.





Deus ex Machina Motorcycles:


Situated at 98 Parramatta Road in Camperdown Sydney is the premises of Deus ex Machina.


This shop has been going for some time now and is fast becoming a well established icon for the motorcyclist interested in something a little different in their machines. Deus is also a trendy place to stop for a coffee or a light meal.


They currently import both Yam SR400 and Kawasaki W650 machines which end up for sale in various configurations, as well as Japanese aftermarket parts for both types for those who wish to 'roll their own'.



Deus also produce and sell various articles of clothing such as interesting T shirts, jeans etc. and of course cafe-style leather jackets, gloves, helmets and goggles.


Their branded clothing is fast becoming a 'fashion accessory'.


As well as the above bikes, Deus also offer parts and whole custom machines of other makes as well as motorcycle books. Drop in and have a long look around.


SR owners very welcome!


Ask for Ben (shop manager ), Taka (spares) or Shaun (bike sales)...tell them you heard about it here.







Adrian at Vanem in Sydney imports SR400/500 aftermarket parts from Japan as well as other Japanese motorcycle memorabillia items such as Seevert prints etc.


He does most of his business over the internet and his prices are fair.


If you're after SR aftermarket parts give him a call or contact him via his website.


Adrian does whole SRs as well.