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We currently have about 10 SR500 and SR400 bikes as well as two SRX600s and two SZR660s that come on our rides here in the ACT.

We try to get together as many of the bikes as we are able, to go on regular rides around the local area. We understand that not all can come on any particular ride.

We have put together a ride list located in the Calendar part of this site so that owners and other interested people can see when the next ACT ride is happening and come along. If you're interested feel free to join in! You'll note that we also list the ACT Vintage, Veteran and Classic Bike Clubs rides as well as several of us are members. They are always happy for you to go along.


We also have a weekend ride that we 'organise' to Kangaroo Valley in NSW on around March/April each year. 'The KVR' brings together SR owners from all over NSW and beyond and the roads are excellent. Getting there and back is half the fun. Get your SR's out and come along.

The SR500 Club of Australia holds the annual SR500 Rally each November at Bethanga in Victoria, just over the Victoria/NSW border East of Albury. This rally is great to attend and you get to meet many other members of the SR500 Club. Keep your eyes on the SR500 Club's site for up to date news of that one. There is a link to the SR Club for club news and membership details elsewhere on this site. The other links should keep you busy for a while as well.

We have our own ACT Branch Newsletter that details our various activities. The latest newsletters are able to be viewed by clicking on them on the Submenu below. If anyone would like copies of the older ACT Branch Newsletters I can e-mail them out on request.